“...Just that you feel very confident that they’re going to get not only a result, but the best result and that they’re going to stop at nothing to get that, which you certainly can’t say for a lot of organizations in the finance industry where you are just treated like cattle. They are on your side, which is great...”
— M. Keil



"Even dealing direct with banks for a loan does not guarantee you success, it can be tough. Being introduced to Karl marked the beginning of my success story. Karl made the process of loan application stress free. He maintained a high degree of professionalism , open communication, and making me feel respected in the process. I will always recommend Karl to anyone who wants an effective, efficient and stress free loan application process. I can't thank Karl enough!"

— S. Mahaka

“...I think probably we'd rate it a 9 or 10.  We had a very difficult process and settlement and Karl went above and beyond the call of duty. So you can't ask for more than that...”

— S. Mulcahy & C. Gamble

“...I think the follow up and the level of customer service so you’re never really in the dark. Karl’s
really proactive in making sure that you’re aware of where things are at. And so in considering I gave
him a nine it’s pretty harsh really, because if anything it should be a nine and a half because there
really wasn’t anything that I can say that he didn’t do. It was a really good experience...”


"Many thanks for your efforts over the past couple of months. Maddie and I are most appreciative for your assistance and co-ordination with all the different parties. You've provided us with confidence at every step and made our life a lot easier throughout the whole process. Thanks again!"

— A. mCdonald