What We Do


We treat every clients situation uniquely however our consultative advice process usually involves; 

Education and Information + Advice + Implementation + Coaching and Guidance



Yes we have access to a large range of lenders like most Brokerages however we provide structural help that only comes with experience and education. We consult with Accountants and Solicitors to ensure our clients have appropriate lending facilities that are flexible, tax effective and which provide adequate asset protection. We also guide them through the huge range of options with a detailed recommendation statement and then we manage the process (and all parties) from application through to settlement and beyond.

Karl Bower is an authorized Credit Representative no. 431579 of Vow Financial Pty Ltd (ACN 138 789 161), Australian Credit Licence no. 390261


A personal protection plan is the foundation of any sound financial planning strategy. Our clients should not have to cease investing and creating wealth because of illness or injury and nor should they face serious financial loss. Protecting our clients ability to earn an income and their family assets is a key part of our service. The need for professional advice in this complicated area is extremely important because a person will not know how good their policy is until they need to claim on it.


The creation of wealth does not have to be complex and clients do not need to ‘time the market’. We believe there are five levers that anyone can use and we know that balance and diversification are critical to long term wealth creation. Equally as important, is a person’s ability to identify what they want and when they want it. Its our role to help them articulate that and then build a plan around it.