Self-Employed Applicants

One might say that building a business is like having a child, it's one of the most rewarding and hardest things anyone can do. You pour your heart and soul into the business however, unfortunately, our risk-averse and shallow pool of lenders in Australia can make growing your personal wealth difficult.

We have extensive experience arranging finance for business owners with structures ranging from sole traders to complex discretionary and unit trusts. We have worked collaboratively with many Accountants and other Advisors to ensure our clients have the best chance of loan approval.

We can identify which lenders have suitable policies based on our individual client's circumstances. For example, some will require more evidence of trading history and profit consistency than others. As a guide, a trading ABN should be registered for at least 18 months, and a business should be able to demonstrate a solid profit (or distribution via wages to Directors etc...), in order to work with mainstream lenders at competitive rates and fees.

Some lenders may use an average or the lower of a client's last two years of profit, and some may use the most recent year of profit. Some lenders have a better understanding of complex company and trust structures than others. Policy knowledge is crucial to a great outcome for our clients.

We are self-employed business owners and we have arranged our own finance on multiple occasions. We have helped many other business owners achieve their financial goals with correct debt structuring. Importantly, we understand financial statements and we can present these to a lender in their most favourable light.

"You can trust that Bower & Co will guide you through the various pros & cons"

"I decided to buy land & build my first property I was well out of my depth having never procured a loan product before. Karl took a personal approach to understanding my motivations and expertly helped me through each milestone on the path to achieving my goals. I have recommended Bower & Co to my friends and family and Karl has also provided sound advice to my partner as we look forward to building our futures together. In a time where consumers need confidence that they’re being protected from the top end of town, you can trust that Bower & Co will guide you through the various pros & cons and decision making processes when choosing a loan product."



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