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We deliver quality advice that adds value to our clients lives and enables them to make better decisions. The purchase of a property is usually the beginning of long term wealth creation for most Australians. We help them pay off their home loan debt faster and we provide strategies to build wealth and  protect their assets. We take the time to understand our clients and their goals and we build plans to help achieve them.


Our values, purpose and mission shape who we are as a business.  Every decision we make must be guided by our values and at Bower & Co. our values are simple:

The Mum test - Our advice and service must be of high quality and always pass this test. We ask ourselves the question “would I tell Mum to do this?”

Continuous improvement - All team members must have a thirst for knowledge and professional development and they must constantly search for improvement.

Deliver what is promised - Do what we say and communicate.

Empower clients - To make better financial decisions and improve their lives.

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